HomeGrown Organics is owned and run by John Coghlan

John is a NW native and recent migrant to Vashon. What drew him to Vashon was the vision of a life where his daughters could grow up a few steps from the woods and a stream, raising animals and growing tree crops while still being connected to a vibrant community. He draws regular inspiration from the meadows, woods, creeks, and wetlands that he explores with his family.

During the eight years that he spent in Southern California during and after university, he caught quite a travel bug, and learned Spanish. For a while it seemed his life was headed towards helping the poor in Latin America through some form of dignifying business development. These efforts led him to permaculture, and the wide world of books and lectures on nature, sustainable living, and a re-envisioned “back to the land” movement.

John and his wife and two young daughters now live on Vashon, building a small innovative homestead. For the past four years, John has run HomeGrown Organics, an edible landscaping company in Seattle. He is an experienced contractor with the City of Seattle’s RainWise program there, and has designed and built dozens of low-maintenance urban farms. In 2016, he decided to open a new branch of Homegrown Organics—this time focusing particularly on homesteads on Vashon Island. He now offers his services to his neighbors where together he hopes to build a more resilient community and a more beautiful and productive relationship with their land. 

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HomeGrown Organics in Seattle

HomeGrown Organics originally opened as a sustainable landscaping company serving the Seattle area. The Seattle branch of HGO continues to serve urban families seeking to establish and maintain their outdoor spaces resourcefully and creatively in the city.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
— Lao Tzu